Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make My Day....Born To Be British!

I have a giveaway currently going on at my burst of bubbles blog offering these salt and pepper shakers which I actually really like but won't be keeping as the shop I bought them from have so many fun different ones that I want to buy them all and I really can't afford to start another collection can I?
Telephone Box and Post Box Salt and Pepper Shakers
Whilst wrapping those I was thinking about this idea that I came across and really wanted to try but also thinking about making the children at work some Christmas cards out of another idea I saw but don't have a link for. It was using Japanese paper to make baubles and stuck on to white card... it looked so effective.... That resulted in me creating these...
Born in Britain
I ended up making a set of 3 using paper, rubber stamp and thread.
Telephone Box
Isn't it annoying that after you've created something all these ideas come flooding to you. With this one instead of the black outline I wish I'd done a wiggly one to match a telephone wire. We have a cordless one now but I've always loved the idea of twirling my finger in the coils.. I'm glad I thought to use the rubber stamp numbers to match the dial.
London Bus
I remade this one and like it so much better.
This one was actually the first one I made, with this one I wish I'd made the border like a postage stamp but I'd already completed this one and had nearly finished the telephone box when I thought of the idea.

As for the paper if I'd plan this through it would have been so much nicer to have printed off some union jacks instead but I guess it had to be red to match all the redness of all things British. Even though I've had a good whinge I absolutely love how they have all turned out and for a first attempt. I will definately be making many more of these... hopefully very soon!

If you would like these
Make My Day
in the comments section!
(Frames will be included)
You can also take part in the salt and pepper giveaway too.

This is on its way to
Papered Thoughts


  1. Make My Day!! These are very cute. I love anything to do with mail boxes. I have the same problem, I always think of something different/better I could have done after it's too late.

  2. Make My Day!:) The cards are so nice, I think I like most the phone booth one. I like the idea with numbers around.

    I have a phone in my room with a coil. I use it VERY rarely because I only use mobile phone and all friends call me there. But on those rare occasion if I use the phone in my room, I twirl my finger and pull the coil so much that I think one day I'll tear it out:P So, maybe the cordless phone is better to have?;)

  3. I wanted to be the one shouting Make My Day but didn't get here soon enough...........I loved the old red phone boxes sometimes the old stuff look so much better then what we have now days........

  4. MAKE MY DAY :) so lovely - I adore mail to.. My blog "Paperedthoughts" Currently has a christmas giveaway going too! Maybe we could exchange letters some time?
    Peace, Love & Happy Holidays x Rin

  5. These salt and pepper shakers are fabulous!!

  6. MAKE MY DAY!! Way cute. Enjoying the blog.


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