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Welcome to Make My Day!

This is a once weekly post blog where I'll post my creations for you to try and get.

If you would like to one day wake up to or come home to a lovely handcrafted item made by me... then just shout make my day in the comments section. If you start your comment with Make My Day then I can tell the difference between who wants the item and who is just leaving a comment.

If you have received one of my items previously you are able to take part again and again as there is never a limit to how often we need cheering up.

When taking part in this blog if you do get an item you will need to e-mail me your home address so please be prepared in having to share this. If after 1-2 weeks I do not hear from you I will give someone else the chance to recieve it. You may leave e-mail contact details in the comment section which will be easir all around but I can understand people don't want to share it so freely so clickable blog links are ok too.

I almost forgot to say that you can claim these items for friends and family too to cheer them up.

Thank you so much for taking part in this blog and keeping me busy in trying to use up my craft supplies.

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  1. Hi Caddi,
    How are you?This is Kiron Manuel from Asia.We contacted each other in the beginning of this year.Let us start our discussion again .please.


Remember to say 'make my day' if you would like the item in this post. I do read every comment but I will not leave any replies unless a question is asked so please don't be offended.

Thank you for making my day by commenting and visiting my blog!

Good Luck!

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