Thursday, December 1, 2011

Make My Day...Winter Wonderland Altered Pegs...

I can finally say that I have completed making my Christmas Cards and I actually feel really sad about it as I had so much fun creating each and everyone... I can't wait to show all of them on my other blog but first I need to take photographs, hopefully those will turn out right. I'll have to be quick though since I want to post everything out on Thursday so that things can be received in time.

Anyway I was on pinterest and came across this

I just thought why didn't I think of that as I have so many tapes. So today when I went to the supermarket I bought some pegs to try it but when I picked them up I realised that my tapes were bigger then the actually pegs. Never mind I'll cut them down but I didn't have a theme that fitted in with the season/celebrations coming up so decided to try that another time.... instead I came up with this....
Winter Pegs
Years ago I bought a Christmas/New year craft pack and finally got around to using the pad of wintery themed paper on my cards so you can see all the different types of paper that I've used. I decided to trim some down and decorate these pegs. I just used an ordinary glue for this one as last time I used mod podge and found it too messy. I have to admit I like this way better so I'll definately will be making more at some point especially to try using my tapes.

Aren't these the funkiest pegs you've seen? I just love the swirl of the metal part of the peg, I've never seen that before, it just adds a little something extra... well I think so anyway!

These are great to hang up your Christmas cards but not your washing!

If you would like these pegs
why don't you shout
Make My Day
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Good Luck!

This is on its way to


  1. What a wonderful idea! They look great. I'm gonna try it to hold my Christmas cards :)

  2. Oh I love these - they are so cute,
    A xx

  3. Make my day! Many greetings from Malaysia! I'm Bree and I enjoyed reading your blog. It's so lovely. :)



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