Saturday, March 5, 2011

Make My Day...Travel the World with me Postcard....

I know I didn't post anything during the week but over the weekend I had really bad stomach cramps, I haven't had them for some time as I'm trying to change my eating habits so it was a little unbearable... then the first day back after the holidays we get a phone call at work from Ofstead so my week just went into going to work early and coming back later....

One thing I did do was read a book called The Pirates Daugter, I didn't sleep too great one of the nights this week so my mind ended up crafting so whilst I was laying there my mind just came up with this....
Travel Map Postcard 001
This looks a lot nicer for real.
My mind actually thought about a A-Z style maps but I'm not cutting up my A-Z as I still use it! So I knew that I already had this map that came in a collection of papers a friend sent me a long time ago.
Travel Map Postcard 004
I used distress ink around the edges to give it a sandy look since you end up somewhere near a sandy beach when you come off a boat.
Travel Map Postcard 005
By the way I did imagine using these images (well not these exact ones but from the booklet I own with them in). My thoughts were actually of hand stitching around the edges but I didn't feel up to it so used a ruler and pen to create the lines which smugded creating a little more of an oldish/worn out look.
Travel Map Postcard 002
I then imagined that I'd have a compass right in the middle on the side... only I added the compass but at the bottom instead... because
Travel Map Postcard 003
I wanted to add these tickets which I made using sand paper to get a little old rough edge feel to it. I had imagined folding the map as I have done which I used to do a lot in my days of making neat FBs but for some reason never used again. I realised it would make great pockets which is why I've added the tickets as I have. Originally the world ticket would have just been there on its own but it looked like something was missing so I used my brand new inks to stamp this floral border. I never imagined the yellow would be so strong as usually they are so light and annoying... which has left me over the moon as I'll be able to use it a lot more often.

So this is what I spent about an hour of my morning doing and now I hope you now like this enough to shout 'make my day'.

I choose to make the day
of somebody in Germany


  1. It looks so great, I wish I am this talented!!

  2. I love this! It looks so nice!

  3. The final effect is very nice! Every piece of the composition is so well thought! very inspiring!

    -Lima from swap-bot, for "Check out my blog"


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