Sunday, March 20, 2011

Make My Day...Vintage America Greeting Card....

This isn't at all what I'd intended to post this weekend but the project I had been working on isn't complete yet so I'll offer those next week.

This week though I'm offering you this super pinky Vintage Greeting Card, if you're into Deco's I can turn this in to one for you. I won't chatter so much today as its such a basic card....
Vintage America
I cut out and put together all the pieces to create this Decoupage greeting card...
Vintage America
Vintage America
Vintage America
Vintage America
I added flowers and a gem to finish is off.
With these decoupage packs you always get 2 images and here is the other. I created a book for a friend who loves visiting France.
Vintage Paris BookVintage Paris BookVintage Paris Book
If you like the Greeting Card and would love to own it
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