Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Make My Day...Fruit Bowl Postcards...

A couple of weeks ago I couldn't sleep very well at night and after reading about Bundles of Blossoms  Cosmopolitan Country creation... I think it triggered my thoughts into patchwork. In my days of creating FBs I once made some patchwork ones, they were just simple randomly cut up pieces of left over scrapbook paper and then I stitched it along the lines... I thought they turned out great at that time but who knows if they were as I was still so new to crafting then.

I then thought about how at work the children had done some still life fruit/Vegetable drawings and I too had sat and drawn too...  I hardly ever draw as I can not do it off the top of my head but I was amazed at how great my drawing had turned out. After that I promised myself that when I do eventually get a house I'm going to sit and draw some still life pictures to frame and put up in my kitchen (if there is space)....

So with all of this swishing around my brain it all formed into this.....
Fruity Postcards
I absolutely love created my own templates by folding pieces of paper in half, they may look childish I don't know. This apple was the one that didn't come together as easily but I'm happy with the way it turned out.
 Fruit Postcard
I had to recreate all of these postcards again so none of them look like the original. I had asked my mum to use my sewing machine to do the zig-zags around the edges but it turned into such a nightmare instead as she didn't understand what I meant but also she's used to working with fabric where if you make a mistake you just undo the stitched and carry on. You can't do that with paper as the hole don't disappear
Fruit Postcard
 I was of course devasted but in the end I decided to use a ruler and my fibre art tool to create the zig-zags myself.  I then hand stitched every single one of these.
Now its up to you if you use these as postcard or if you decide to frame them and put them in your kitchen. Its why I've left them as flat as possible but also made 3 as those landscape photo style frames come in 3s.

I know its too early to mention Christmas but here are some cards I created using the same method
Christmas Pudding Greeting CardsFairy Lights Greeting CardsSpotty Christmas Tree Christmas Cards
If you'd like to own these or cheer somebody up
all you need to do is shout
Make My Day
in the comment section!

These are on there way too...


  1. Oh, wow. They are so pretty! You're really talented.
    Make my day :D

  2. Yeah finally someone wants one of my items... ok in this case 3!

  3. Make my day! I just can't resist ^.^ Though I've got so many goodies from you already! These cards are terrific!! (some of the paper looks slightly familiar ^^ happy about that!)

  4. Oh my gosh, Bubbles, AMAZING!!! You have such true talent. I cannot wait for you to get your very own kitchen and you can hang these on your beautiful walls. The day will come for you to own your own home-have faith.

    P.S. Thank you for the shout out to Bundles of Blossoms-I really appreciate that so much and I am happy to have inspired you. I love your work!!!

  5. wow you are amazingly talented those are to cute. Make my day :)

  6. Are they still up for grab???? Make my Day... They are wonderful.

  7. Ooh, a competition appeared:P Damn:P

  8. hiya i am loving the chinese new year meets vaklentines. are they book marks?????
    millieme5 (swop bot partner)

  9. loving the patchwork!!! how do you do it there wonderful thanks so much fro some much needed inspiration !!!
    millieme5 (Swap-Bot)

  10. Looks pretty well made!

  11. theses are so pwetty.

    Helen, X

  12. I love your sue of stitching on these. Really makes the images pop fromthe card. (crmc from swapbot)


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