Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Make My Day...Wishing Spring was in the Air...

I think I have a craft supply eating monster in my room... no not me! I'm serious, every time I put something down and look for it I can't find it and I've got about 2 strands of hair left on my head... of course I woke up this morning to find those so called missing items so I guess the monster coughed them up. Now I need it to cough up my nieces cooking set that I bought her but nope not for the pair of us to cook with but so I can use her rolling pin on my fimo that I had hoped to craft with for today... grr... please turn up soon where ever you are.

I want to say thank you to all of you so far who have claimed my items as you've got my craft juices flowing again which is a good thing but also a bad thing in that I now keep seeing craft things that I supposedly need. In many cases I haven't bought anything (yeah!) but in some I have (oops!).... one of the things I did buy yesterday was some decoupage craft sheets. I've always loved decoupage but found them such a pain to cut out so I could seriously kiss the guy/girl who invented the pre cut stuff... it makes life much more simple. The problem with the other not precut sheets was that they were the most ridiculous designs with little strands of hair to cut around or the the streams of a flower were just straight lines... I'll stop waffling and show you what you can shout make my day for....
Yellow Roses 001
Yellow Roses 007
Yellow Roses 006
Yellow Roses 009
This sheet gives you the chance to make 2 cards so I made the other one too to show you what you can do with exactly the same equipement but in a different style. This one I did make first but decided to give you the chance to receive the one above. I'll send this one to a friend whose birthday I forgot... terrible I know!
Yellow Roses 002
This is probably the typical style someone else would have done this but they would have maybe have added the greeting card underneath the picture.

This is now on its way to a child on


  1. As always, beautiful work, Bubbles!

  2. Do you maybe have a cat or a dog? :) I hope that your "monster" will stop eating your craft supplies :)

  3. Marina we have a cat but he doesn't come upstairs... so its an invisable monster moving my things.

    Teresa thanks :)

  4. beautiful work i love it.
    very pretty

  5. love the statue of liberty card !!!! is this distress inks? you really do have a talent!!!!
    millieme5 (Swap-Bot)


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