Sunday, October 28, 2012

Make My Day ~Keep in Touch~

I'm wondering if I should turn this one into a notebook  as I think it would look great but it mentions birthdays. Stamps are a gift from @paperedthoughts #stamps #wellingtonbear #postbox
This alphabet reminds me of shreddies #wellingtonbear #card #alphabet #typewriterUntitled
A couple of weeks ago I offered this Telephone Box but first I had intended on making some greeting cards so had put these images together. Since creating the box these images have been sitting on my desk getting in the way so today I finally decided to continue with my 'keeping it simple' in order not to completely drown everything out and create some cards. The card on these greeting cards is a glittery brown/bronze colour.
The first ones I just used some postage stamps that paperedthoughts had sent me as a thank you and I'd forgotten about until I started sorting through my pile of envelopes (I say pile but they are all put into a basket under my bed until I am ready to put them into my box of letters). This card is A5 size (a printer paper sheet folded in half), I actually really wanted to turn that one in to a slim notebook as I think it would look great but I don't know if any of you would like that considering on the postbox it says 'Birthday Collection' and one of the parcels says 'Happy Birthday' that's actually quite annoying as I don't really like words on my things unless they really fit in. So if you get this and would like a notebook let me know.
The others are also straight forward with the typewriter one having alphabet stickers on, I did think of using a more typewriter looking one but these Shredded Wheat ones add a little something to it. The last one I've used scrapbook paper with writing on and I've cut up washi tape to get the little stamps.
I think I'm doing well keeping it simple but I am itching to do something fussy so maybe next time :).
The writing paper below will be available also for another week so get shouting Make My Day in the comment sections.
Good Luck!
Words and I do not mix when crafting I don't know why #birthday #greetings #love #miss #words #time
These words will be included too.

This is on its way to


  1. Make my day!
    The cards are really cute. :)

  2. Of course I would love it if you could "make my day"

  3. Make my day! How cute are these bears! Awesome ;)

  4. I love your cards! Make my day!

  5. make my day!
    they are awesome :-)

  6. Oooh, make my day! I think that first one would make a beautiful notebook, regardless of the writing on the post box.

    I'm feeling a little envious of that lovely washi tape, haha! :p
    M x

  7. Make my day! :) (


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