Sunday, October 14, 2012

Make My Day~Keep in Touch~

Well last time I was here I made a little box and I decided to buy some index cards to put in it only I bought the size that was slightly bigger then the box and I actually had the smaller ones to start with. I decided to keep these index cards and decorate them for you to have.

I've seen a lot of rubber stamp crafty things lately where people have just randomly stamped on a sheet etc... and I thought it looked great so I of course wanted to try it! Well I've decided I'm not good at it at all as I started by stamping everywhere to stop myself being fussy with it but in the end I ended up fussy trying to fill in spaces only to make a complete mess in the process. So despite my mishaps they do still look good but just don't expect them to be perfect.

I was going to use my rings to attach the whole lot together but then decided not to as you may have a better way of storing them yourself. I have included 2 pieces of white card in between all the 27! sheets (apparantly Mc needs a card of its own!).
I have rounded the edges of course as I think it adds a little something.
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This is on its way to


  1. I love them! pleeeease make my day! I would use them to log addresses of penpals and other people I send mail to on a regular base :)

  2. Make my day! So beautiful :) You make such amazing things!

  3. Very nice indeed...........make my day............

  4. Make my day! I think they make really nice organizers.

  5. Make my day! Your index cards is so aweome and also so special!

  6. These turned out really well! :D
    Make my day! :D

  7. Make my day!! These are beautiful, I so need to buy some stamps. Ahh!

    Keep smiling! xxo


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