Sunday, November 18, 2012

Make My Day ~Alice in Wonderland Letter Set~

Today I decided to choose an Alice in Wonderland letter set to write a letter on, I searched through my collection for all the letter sets that I had in this range. It was such a surprise to find I had 2 of the same design but then I remembered one I bought and one I received as a gift. It then came to me that I could offer one to you and keep one to write on myself which of course is lucky for you. I have to admit it wasn't such a hard decision as even though I loved these sets on ordering them I am not so keen on the lack of designs on the actual paper.... ok so its great to have so many lines to write on but for such a great theme they are so plain and if I must say it a little boring which is probably why I haven't used these sets up much sooner. It took me quite some time to make my way through the one or two sets that I did use which probably put me off using the rest... Its nice though that I at least have matching stickers and tape to help me jazz these sheets up a little bit more as well as my coloured pens.
Hopefully I haven't put you off shouting
Make My Day
in the comment section
as I would love this to go to a good home.

This is on its way...


  1. Were you able to decide yet which letter set theme you are going to use for your book was it? :D
    I hope you finally decide. Oh it's so nice of you to share doubles in your collection! :D This would surely make my day if i were to receive it. :P

    1. Its great you've come by and Good Luck in getting this as I use a random name generator to choose names which makes it so much easir for me. Stationery is usually so popular also.

      I did choose a set, its on the 2nd page with the tape and stickers. It fits in nicely with the book theme as its not completely Alice. I am going to blog about that on my bubbles blog at some point :).

  2. Oh, I love Alice in Wonderland! I wonder where everybody gets this great Alice letter sets?! It would totally make my day :-)

  3. Oh, this would be lovely! Make my day :)

  4. Ooo...Alice in wonderland! Make my day please! :D

  5. This is a lovely letter set. Make my day:)

  6. Make my day ^-^ I'm addicted to Alice in Wonderland <3 And this letterset is so cute ^-^ :) Someday I'll hopefully win a "Make my day" gift :)

  7. This letter set is lovely! Make my day!

  8. Make my day!

    I really love Alice in Wonderland! And I like this letter set.

  9. I love Alice so make my day!

  10. MAKE MY DAY!!!! I'd love this! I have nothing with Alice :)

  11. Make my day!
    I adore Alice in Wonderland and this would make my whole month<3

  12. Make my day, please!

    I'd love to win these, it's so hard to find nice letter sets with lined paper. I'm useless at writing straight on plain paper so I love pretty lined paper. Fingers crossed for the random name generator picking me! :p


  13. Make My Day! They are pretty cute.

  14. Like the others I would love it if your MAKE MY DAY so fingers cross I am the lucky

  15. It's such a nice and magical set! :3 Make my day, please~? :3

  16. Make my day!
    Not sure if this is still open, but I thought I would comment anyway. I love Alice in Wonderland, and this letter set is so cute!

  17. Make my day, please! I love letter papers that only have pretty borders or an illustration on them - it helps to give the actual writing the limelight it deserves! And I love Alice!

  18. I'm not really sure if this is still valid, but I love the letter set and it would totally make my day if I were to get it. :) So...

    Make my day! :)


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