Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Make My Day ~English Breakfast~

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I know things have been quiet here but part of the reason was that the last 3 items I blogged about people never bothered to get in touch with their addresses... I offered them up again but even that person didn't get in touch with their address... its really off putting offering items when people can't be bothered replying to my e-mails or reading comments on their blog. Its ok for me to send an item a week as I don't write to many people so the postage doesn't feel bad but to send 3 items at once makes it feel like I've spent a fortune at the post office and throws my good will out of the window...
I had not planned on posting anything until the new year but my mum bought a tea set with 2 cups from the supermarket and with it she got a pack of biscuits and a tea bag box with each item. The biscuits soon went but I kept the tea bags for one of you tea lovers.... especially English Tea! I have 2 boxes to give away (so three people will get one). I will flatten the boxes to make it easier to post.
so if you would like a box shout
Make My Day
in the comment section!

These are on their way to


  1. Oh! Make my day! I love tea!!!!

  2. Make my Day! - Bubbles I have won some of your fabulous goodies before - If you get tons of replies- it will not hurt my feelings if some of the others get your tea. (I say this as I am consuming my 7th cup today. Have you ever broken a soft peppermint stick into a cup of tea? It is great, well if you also like peppermint, it's great.) Happy Christmas to you!

  3. Oh, I love tea too!
    I get a little disillusioned with the fickle world of blogging when I have a giveaway and get no response from the winner(s), not even a thank you. I've discovered that a lot of people scour the internet looking simply for free stuff, so I keep an eye on that now.
    Have a lovely week!

  4. Make my day!

    And thank you for the xmas card :-)

  5. Make my day! Tea is always my favourite beverage, and the next one is hot chocolate! :D Merry Christmas!

  6. I received a beautiful Christmas card from you! Thank you, it was such a lovely surprise!!!

    1. I'm so happy that it arrived and hopefully made your day. It was fun to create them all and I'm blogging about them on my bubbles blog if you'd like to see all the designs.

  7. I'm always around the corner when it comes to tea! :) Make my day!

    By the way, this is off topic, but have you sent me a Christmas card lately? I received a "mysterious" card and after I posted a picture of it on my blog some readers told me they recognized your handwriting on it...

  8. Make my day!

    About a month ago you choose me but i just can't get in touch with you. i sent my address by e-mail but letters every time cames back. when i tried to sent it from other e-mail it went out but you do not confirme that you get it. when i decided to leave comment on your blog i saw that you already chosen other person so i didn't. I thinh that other peoples also just can't get in touch with you because of email problems.

    1. Thats a shame the e-mail address didn't work, with the others who didn't respond I actually e-mailed them myself as they had their addresses on their blogs or left them here for me to reply. Maybe you made some mistake with the at and dot... I can't think of another explanation as to why it didn't work. Its a shame you didn't come and leave a comment here to let me know earlier.

  9. Hello folks, remember that Bubbles is actually giving out free stuff for the sake of it, just because she's a nice person! A lot of people have received goodies from her, as well as random cards and handcrafted things ~ that's a fact! It's you who wants something, so be decent enough to contact her as soon as you experience problems of whatever kind ~ just leave a comment here for example.

    Bubbles, I can't believe you have to chase people down to send them a RAK!


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