Sunday, April 8, 2012

Make My Day~Secret Letter 1~ Swirls and Curls~

Secret Letter
You're probably tired of seeing that same post about me asking you to e-mail your letters to me to get creative with and offer on here but finally after many hiccups with my laptop I was able to print them off and have some fun.

This one the owner of this letter created the paper themselves with the option of a blank one incase I wanted it to be entirely my work but nope I thought as this is your letter I should offer it as it is but with a little touch up from me, hopefully you don't feel I spoilt it. With the letters I received I would have loved to have been able to decorate the paper first and then printed on it but as I don't have microsoft word I had to print it first and then decorate as I couldn't arrange the way I wanted the words etc... to be. I also don't have the fonts that you used and I wanted to keep that as it reflects your personality.

You don't even need to guess that the distress ink touches are what I added, also I stamped and coloured the last image. The purple flower I'd actually coloured with the combination of purple and white but when it came to the last one I blindly coloured the wrong petal which resulted in me having to colour the whole thing. I used pro markers which are streak free but I personally find they bleed too much so I feel quite disappointed about that as I can't colour as freely as I'd hoped to. I also decorated the envelope which you can see the front and back of in the first two photos.

If you would like to have this letter
Please comment  with
'Make My Day'

Remember if you receive this letter you can write a letter to the owner of it
or if you feel they aren't quite what you wanted then
why not send them a little postcard in exchange for it.
Hopefully though you'll have gained a new friend.

A name has been choosen but thats a surprise too!


Remember to say 'make my day' if you would like the item in this post. I do read every comment but I will not leave any replies unless a question is asked so please don't be offended.

Thank you for making my day by commenting and visiting my blog!

Good Luck!

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