Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make My Day~Secret Letter 1~Flowers, Lace and Parties~

Secret Letter
Here is another letter and this one it completely decorated by me and I had so much fun doing it. I don't know why but I've been thinking buntings and doyles lately and since Spring is in the air once again I thought this was the prefect theme to use.

Doesn't spring put a wonderful spring in your steps, like someone playing music in the background for you to dance to, the flowers are growing, the buntings coming out for weddings and parties but of course there are those little grey days too....  Well its how I feel anyway!

I have decorated an envelope as you can see but I won't be using it to post your letter as it won't fit! I can only fold the sheet in half but for some reason I never thought that would be a problem so I'm including that in with the letter and if I feel up to it I will make a new one otherwise you will except the oh so attractive brown envelope. Ah well its better then no envelope right?

If you would like to have this letter
Please comment with
'Make My Day'
Remember if you receive this letter you can write a letter to the owner of it
or if you feel they aren't quite what you wanted then
why not send them a little postcard in exchange for it.
Hopefully though you'll have gained a new friend.

This is on its way!


  1. I love it! *__* It's so beautiful!

    Let's try, why not? Make my day! :3

  2. Make my day! Love this! So pretty!! Great job decorating it Bubbles. :-)

  3. I got your other packet today, thank you so much! I will do a post about it on my blog next week :)
    Take care!

    1. Thats great but it took quite some time to get to you which actually now makes me feel better as I'm expecting a letter from Malaysia and still haven't got it 2 and a half weeks later.

  4. Make my day! You did a great job, this is so pretty!

  5. Make my day!! That's beautiful!:)


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