Monday, April 2, 2012

Make My Day~It's your turn~

I've had problems with my laptop which resulted in me having to reboot it. It is still updating all the software to newer versions which means I can't add my printer software just yet so I will give you until the end of the week to get a letter e-mailed to me.

Thanks everyone whose taken part so far....
Make My Day
Here are some amazing pieces of mail that I have received from some of you.
A beautiful handcrafted card,
a couple of thoughtful greeting cards,
a wonderful handmade envelope with an amazing note
and a heartfelt card with some wonderful supplies for me to use...
I have of course received other things from some of you but I just picked up the most recent ones sent to me.
The stamps on the envelopes make receiving these items all that much special.
Do you agree?

Why am I sharing all of this?
Well I still aren't well and can't get rid of this horrid cold,
I wanted something to post on make my day but felt too lazy to put somethings together and photograph for you to have even though I have a box full of things I'd like to offer.
Anyway one of the ideas that came to my mind whilst sitting around yesterday was this...

For those of us who love writing letters and
would love some more friends from any corners of the world
and of any age
should get together through my help.
The idea is that you e-mail me an introduction of yourself.
 It will be an old fashioned style letter with your address in the right hand corner.
Make it interesting,
and personal
as well as long since half a page or one side (I'm thinking A5 here)
 is not enough for someone to know whether they'd like to continue the friendship.
I will decorate some paper and an envelope
and offer your letter on make my day.
The catch is that no one will know its from you until they receive it
so it could end up being a male or female
and as I've mentioned already of any age.
If you decide upon receiving the letter that person isn't what you're looking for,
don't ignore it but send a postcard of your country or a little note in order to
'Make Their Day'
I may end up creating a letter from myself too but I'll see about that when the time comes.

You have until the 31st March to take part as I have holidays for the next 2 weeks so will be able to do this and if I get enough responses I maybe able to offer a letter a day.
So if you're interested e-mail me at


  1. As far as I understood everything, sounds like lots of fun and such an original way of getting new pals! n_n I might be interested in doing this, it depends on the amount of free time I'm going to be provided with in next weeks.

    I have a question though, since the description isn't clear enough for me - we send you an e-mail with a text of our introduction letter and... What happens to it then? You're writing it down on a paper yourself and then send it to someone else? How do you exactly see this system?

    Xs and Os~

  2. I love that idea, of the anonymous letters!

  3. Michi I didn't think that part was important since I'd be doing it on that end. You'll e-mail me your letter with the address on it. I'll copy and paste it in to my office, then print it off hopefully on to some paper that I've decorated. Then I'll offer the envelope and people will comment to get it, the person choosen will recieve it.

  4. That sounds fun :) I'll see if I have time to send something in!
    You got some lovely mail there.
    Take care!


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