Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Make My Day... In the Garden with Sarah Kay...

Today I really wanted to use my rubber stamps but when I sat down to use them my black ink was on its last legs but I thought it was just my rubber stamp that was being awkward so ruined a few projects which resulted in me giving up on that for now... I then remember that I wrote a letter this week and used my Sarah Kay stickers which a friend sent me (the same friend that sent me the album, Vera De Muis images and a million other items that you'll see me using from time to time). She has been so good to me and I appreciate it as I can make all these fun items with them.... The sticker left behind was the largest one and I was still thinking of how I'd use it.

I had no intention of making another greeting card but I did and here's what I came up with.....
Sarah Kay Greeting Card 002
I started with the background paper which I felt fitted in well with the polka dots and flowers in the sticker.
Sarah Kay Greeting Card 003Sarah Kay Greeting Card 004
I then added the doyle as it fitted in so well with the background paper. I used my pro marker to colour it in but now I regret not using 2 different colours.... quite possibly the green and a brown. Oh well it still looks great. It felt like there was something missing so added the punched flower, gem and iron on ribbon (which I've stuck down with double sided tape)
Sarah Kay Greeting Card 005 Sarah Kay Greeting Card 007
I really love polka dots but don't have any paper with smaller dots on so I used my hole punch to create the dots across the top. I still had one small sticker left which I used on the back of the envelope... I try to waste as little as possible even projects gone wrong can be used in some way.
Sarah Kay Greeting Card 006
A final close up of the sticker which I just love the detail of but also the relaxed pose of this girl. I backed her on to white card and stuck her down with sticky foam.

Remember you can always make suggestion of themes you'd like me to create around. I am in the process of braining storming one idea, I just can't seem to find those items that my brain is thinking about but I'm sure it will fall into place when the time is right.

Anyway if you'd like this item
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  1. Oh how beautiful are they love them, I have a couple of different ink pads I like to have different colour ink pads. I do so love the stuff you make.

  2. so beautiful your talent amazes me

  3. Make My Day! So cute. I"m already following you. Hope you will follow me if you aren't already. You do great work.

    Coleen in Ukraine
    s-b, share my crafty blog

  4. Adorable <3
    Good continuation
    Azed from swap-bot :)

  5. So pretty! I love Sarah Kay...

  6. Really beautiful!!!
    I love rubber stamps, sorry about your ink desapearing.
    And your header looks soo goog too! Did you draw it??

    Anabella194 from Swap Bot!

  7. Oh! I forgot!! MAKE MY DAY!!
    (the idea is so original!!)


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