Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make My Day ~Stamp Box~

I wanted to try working with stamps so decided to decorate a box. I find it really hard to cover up all the pretty designs but I had to force myself to do it instead of trying to line them up neatly which I tried to do at first. So I've tried my best and I hope you like it enough to shout...

make my day
in the comment section!
Good Luck!

This is on its way to Tari


  1. wooow! how cute box! make my day please!! :D I don't receive your postcard yet, my mailman is missing this days :c

  2. Make my day please! :) This is gorgeous, would be fun to use to keep stamps in!
    Have a beautiful day,

  3. Wow, that is genious!! I will definitely make my own stamp box sometime! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Make My Day! I collect stamps so I like most stampy things. Hehe

  5. Make my day please! This stamp box is gorgeous!! :D Have a great day Bubbles!

  6. Make my day!! I love covering things with stamps :) I did that to my address book last year! x

  7. Make my day, please! This is beautiful. I love stamps, and I really love what you've done with them here! I'd love to win it, so fingers crossed!
    M x
    madwild24 (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Make my day!
    That box is so sweet ^_^

  9. Make my Day! But if I win please send this to Andra. I know how much she loves boxes :)

  10. Oh, I'll have to shout make my day again for this one! I've been holding back the past months, but I can't let this chance pass :) That box is so lovely! I'm similar to you though, I can't quite cover up the designs without feeling so sorry for them...
    I hope you're good!
    All the best,

  11. Make my day! :)
    I really need new box for my post.

  12. Make my day !
    I just saw your blog, and it is very cute! I'm Nathalie, 14, and from Belgium :)
    It's very nice that you do this for other people, we need more people like you :) Bye! Nathalie :)

    1. I'm glad you think so as some who leave comments for me don't agree!

  13. Lovely box! I actually made one last year too with envelopes, stamps and air mail labels from mail id gotten. Lots of fun!

  14. Ohhhh This box si wonderful ^^ !!!

  15. Make My Day, this cute box made my day! I'm going to go and try it myself!


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