Saturday, February 4, 2012

Make My Day... Turn Back The Hands Of Time or....

...use the key to unlock the door to the furture ATC...

I had something part made last week and tried to complete it today but my heart wasn't in it so I gave up and decided to do this ATC project that I'd seen years ago and wanted to make but no one ever created a swap on it in the yahoo groups I was in. So today was my day to create this 4 piece ATC to create one big image. I love how it turned out but I'm going to one day make another where each ATC is something on its own too. This was my first time doing it so I just wanted to experiment freely plus I have an awful cold where I can't concentrate so it wouldn't have been much fun.
I used yellow, orange and green distress ink
which I stamped in black.
I did one sheet in brown but it was just too dark for my liking
and liked the softness of this one.
I coloured some of the stamped images in with pro markers
and went around 2 images in gold and silver gel pens.
time to 001
By the way the colour of these are a little more brighter then what it looks like in my photos.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you to write
 make my day in your diary
starting from next weekend for a whole week
to celebrate the 1st birthday of my blog
I'll be having a giveaway everyday!

I'll have holidays at that time
which is why I haven't organised it sooner
as I should hopefully get my mind organised
in getting things prepared
but also I'm hoping for a couple of snow days off to craft!
Wishful thinking I know
 but who knows as we have a visit from Mr Snow today
and he maybe around for a while.

I will be giving away handmade items, craft and stationery supplies
so keep your eyes wide open.

For now though lets focus on these ATCs
If you would like them
Why not shout
Make My Day
in the comments section.

Good Luck!

This is on its way to


  1. MAKE MY DAY! That is so pretty! My sister loves clocks and keys!

  2. Charming! And Happy 1st Birthday!

  3. What beautiful ATCs! Keep up with the good work and I couldn't resist shouting "Make my day"! :)

  4. Very lovely. Great colors. I have a collection of internal clock workings, and recently bought an empty pocket watch. Am reluctant to use them just yet, although am not sure what I'm waiting for. :)

  5. Delmajesty@gmail.comFebruary 16, 2012 at 7:58 PM

    Make My Day!!

    Happy 1st birthday!


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Good Luck!

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