Saturday, February 11, 2012

~Make My Day Birthday Bash 1~Diddl Loose Stationery~

Welcome to the Make My Day Birthday Bash!

I'm starting the week off with some supplies
but I hope as the week goes on that I'll offer handmade items too.
I'll list something everyday but I will do all the selections at the end of the week so that you have the chance to take part in all the ones you like to.

To start the party off I'm going to
offer 2 of every sheet out of each pad that you can see below...
I may also choose 2 lucky winners if I get a big response on this one.
I'm quite excited as I haven't even opened some of these pads yet
Picnik collage
So here are 12 Comic Strip ones...
6 Glow in the dark ones which I love and have used loads of...
Picnik collage
The bottom image are scratch and sniff note papers which I haven't opened any of them as I wanted to use my others first so can't wait to get the chance to test them out.

I hope you will join in the fun
and let your friends know about it too.

If you would like these just shout
Make My Day
in the comment section.

This is on its way to


  1. Very cool, may have to purchase some if I don't win!!

  2. They're really nice!!! I won't shout what I usually shout in here because I'm not such a Diddl fan, but I will shout HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY!
    And I also recommended this blog on a Facebook pen palling group I'm very active in :)

  3. Oh you might want to purchase some anyway as Diddl have stopped producing their stationery which is such a shame as I've finally got into them but with 100 sheets they'll last me quite some time at least.

  4. Andra, I know the feeling as I wasn't at one point but after using Japanese paper for so long it was nice to have that change occasionally... I wasn't in to Hello Kitty either but now I don't mind it. Thanks for helping to promote my birthday week!

  5. Oh I really really like to join! I know there are people who are bored about Diddl :( Well I won't as I still adore Diddl and his friends :0)
    Oh and congrats on the anniversary :) I hope to see many more blog post from you!!
    Hugs Mir

  6. Make My Day :) I'm not a big fan of Diddl but if I win this, I'm going to sent them to one of my pals who loves Diddl.


  7. I like glow in the dark stuff!!! Cool! I'll like some of it please.

  8. WOW!! awesome! We don't have many beautiful stationery sets like this in Malaysia. I sure would love to win them! Make my day! You are really generous, Bubbles, thank you! :)

  9. Make my day!! Can't go wrong with Diddl!

  10. Wow! So much Diddl! Reminds me of my childhood! I was such a huuuge Diddl fan! So yes please, make my day!

  11. Make My Day!! Wow this is very generous!! I love paper so this would be perfect for me. I always have a hard time finding extra cute stationery!

  12. MAKE MY DAY!!!!
    Every one of them is cute!

  13. Make my day :-)
    what a nice way to celebrate your first anniversary!

  14. Make My Day! I'm not bored with Diddle because I never found it in my country:) And I'll join to wishes - Happy Blog Anniversary and Happy Valentines Day (as there's still one hour left;P)

    PS. Did you get my package?:)

  15. Delmajesty@gmail.comFebruary 16, 2012 at 7:57 PM

    Make My Day!


Remember to say 'make my day' if you would like the item in this post. I do read every comment but I will not leave any replies unless a question is asked so please don't be offended.

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