Saturday, February 18, 2012

~Make My Day Birthday Bash 1~Storm Cloud Envelopes~

Well its now the time to have the last bite of the cake,
the last sip of the juice
the last nibble of the crumbs
and to begin tidying up...
Its been a great week celebrating with you
and I hope that you've all been able to shout for an item as I've tried to post something different.

At least you know that I'll continue to try and post something every week for you to try and get but for today I've create this....
Storm Cloud Envelopes
I looked up some videos on youtube for different ways to use my distress inks, one of the ideas was to use a water brush to blend the colours together... I bought a brush and decided to try it out and it didn't work... boo! Still it means that you get these much darker stormy sky type of envelopes. There are 4 square envelopes but I can't tell if I've photographed one of them twice or if they are different but look quite similar so I haven't added it in... I'm going to have  to have another look to see what I've done. If they do look similar, I'll blend another colour into it. I will also include plain white address labels too incase you decide to post something in them.

If you would like these envelopes
Why not shout
Make My Day
in the comment section!

Good Luck!

This is on its way to


  1. I love the Distressed ink! Make my day!

  2. Beautiful! Very abstract! I like them! :) My pen friends would love them too! Make my day!

  3. MAKE MY DAY..............PLEASE

    They are so great I love them you are a gifted woman......

  4. MAKE MY DAY! Great envelopes :)

  5. They look really deep :)
    You're really creative!

  6. I have loads of envelopes and I like making my own but, oh, make my day! I relly like these.

  7. Yay! I never win anything! Thank you! I can't wait! :D


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Good Luck!

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