Saturday, April 23, 2011

Make My Day....Air Mail Postcard...

Firstly Welcome to all the new followers and I want to apologise for there being nothing to claim when you came by from swap- bot but  finally here I am with another opportunity to have your day made or someone elses... This week the sun has been shinning, the birds have been singing and I can't help but think of birds of all kinds so I decided that this was such a fantastic opportunity to get my creative juices flowing.

One of the bird images that I love is bird sitting on electricity cables, these are usually black silhouettes of birds but as black is a colour I don't have much of in my paper collection I decided to be bold and colourful as usual
Birds Birds Birds
I started by selecting my background paper, I then attempted to draw the birds myself but I just couldn't get the size of them right because they were either too small or two big. Thankfully my brain was working for once and I thought to use my rubberstamps of birds. I drew around the edge of the birds I wanted to use and stamped those on to paper and cut them out. I used black felt tip for the lines one this one...
Birds Birds Birds
and brown on this one... I choose the colour of the birds bassed on the colours I could see on the background paper. It needed a little something more so I used some postage stamp stickers around the edges. I finished it off with the postmark....

I did try decorating the backs of the postcards but it didn't look nice so I backed both the postcards on to coloured card which you can see a thin border around the edges of.

I had intended on making 4 of these but my sister turned up to go shopping so I only managed to make these 2 and decided I really need to post something as things have been too quiet here but life has been hectic with so much going on.

If you would like these postcards for yourself or a friend/family member
remember to shout
make my day
in the comment section so that I can tell the difference between who would like it
and who is leaving a comment

Here are some other things that I have made using these birds...
One last thing could you maybe help me with one of my next items for make my day in telling me some way of saying Sorry

This postcard is on its way to


  1. These are really cool:) Make my day :D

  2. Thanks for getting this started, its a birdy mail one instead of snail mail :P

  3. Will you send it by pigeon by chance?;)

  4. These are so cool I would love it if you could Make my day...............

  5. make my day! They are wonderful!

  6. Got that swing after I made these postcards and added the stamps it crossed my mind :P... but it is interesting though that at one time its how people sent mail.

  7. i love the cards you make they are so pretty was so excited when i got my last ones the fruit bowl. thank you

  8. I'm happy that some people have already entered this ^.^ And certainly excited to see what I'll get in the mail soon ^0^ When I feel guilty and need to say sorry, I'll always try to make up for my mistake and to bribe the other person with flowers or cookies or something like that ^.^

  9. Love the idea - creativity and generosity is a great combo! Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I'll be adding yoursnto mine later tonight! Have fun creating, blogging, and send mail!

  10. Heck yeah, make my day! This is such a unique concept! I came from swap-bot (and forgive my tardiness) and not only am I following you now, I'd love to feature you on my blog!

    Email me to discuss details?

  11. I love mail art and yours is very imaginative! I will be following you from now on! Long live snail mail!

    Kathy (karuma on Swap-Bot)
    Follow My Blogger Blog! #2

  12. What wonderful cards. They have a vintage feel, yet still look very modern and fresh.


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