Saturday, January 29, 2011

Make My Day....Dance with me!....

I've spent another great Saturday afternoon crafting and here's what I've come up with for make my day... I hope you like it enough to try and claim it for yourself.
Vintage Dance Postcard (4)
I started with this picture which is from the internet but I don't know which website as someone sent me it. I then choose the backing paper to go with the image...
Vintage Dance Postcard (5)
I think she looks quite blokish... which put me off a little but her dress was so inspiring.
Vintage Dance Postcard (2)
I did get all my lace ribbons out but it just felt like they weren't right despite her dress over flowing with it. I remembered I had a pack full of about a million doyles so used that and like it so much more.
Vintage Dance Postcard (3)
I then got a needle and wound the wire around it to create this springy effect. The beads are some that I've had for a long time and got through a swap and they fitted in perfectly.
Vintage Dance Postcard
Finally this flower... I sat for far too long wondering what to put in this corner, I tried paper flowers, words etc... but then I decided to continue with wire and made this flower. I've never made flowers like this before so it took a lot of attempts but finally with the help of a needle I created this. I'm really pleased with it and it doesn't put me off that the petals are different sizes.

The idea of make my day is to comment that you'd like the postcard... start with make my day, that way I can tell the difference between the person claiming it or just commenting. If a lot of you comment that you'd like one of my items then I'll use a name generator. I will let whoever gets it know on a Monday evening (evening in the UK that is). Remember you can claim for someone else if you want me to send whatever to them...
Black&White with a hint of colourRose ATC
Some other ways that I have used wire... these photos are of ATCs (Artistic Trading Cards)

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  1. Make my day! That is beautiful! I really wish I was creative like that!

  2. That's really beautiful....but a bit to girlie for me to claim :-)

  3. JM I could never craft like this and through snail mail swapping items I learned gradually plus I had great friends who sent me tonnes of stuff to create with. You should give it a try starting with atc (artistic trading card) which a basically decorated poker cards. Good luck in claiming this :)

  4. Thanks Dad, I didn't want to use rubberstamps this week and as I was pulling all my images etc... out I realised they were all so girlie.

  5. Bubbles, I'm so amazed with your creativity! It's so cool to use wire and it looked so lovely all over ^0^
    I'd love to claim it for someone else who needs cheering up, so ~
    MAKE MY DAY ^0^

  6. Tanuki thanks, as I haven't crafted properly for ages its actually been really hard to think of what to do but I'm really enjoying it. Good Luck in making someone elses day :)

  7. Lovely card, looks very classy. But I'll give a chance to others:)

  8. I'm glad you like it and I'm sure everyone will appreciate being given the chance :D

  9. Yay!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you so much!


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Good Luck!

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