Monday, January 31, 2011

Make My Day....If I was KING for the day....

In my last make my day I wanted to use something other then rubber stamps which resulted in me finding that I had mostly girlie images or cute character images so it meant the men missed out as they were not willing to surprise their wives, girlfriends, daughters, nieces, friends.... I don't blame them as I'm too selfish to share too. So I decided to do a second round today and try and make a more male type card. I'm actually curious to know how many men actually read my blog... maybe you'll be willing to come out of the wood works just to comment on this one as I only know of 2....

Men and Women can try and claim this postcard though :)...
If I was king for the day Postcard 007
My title on this one on my flickr is 'If I was a king for the day postcard 007' move over James Bond my kitty is out to get you... he looks mean enough I admit!
If I was king for the day Postcard
You can't tell on here but I've used sandy coloured paper for the cat and gold card for the hat. I used watercolour crayons to colour him in but they turned out to be such a mess :(.
If I was king for the day Postcard
Kings always have a medallion to represent them.... Don't they?
If I was king for the day Postcard
I used the Fibre Art Stencils which a friend sent me for Christmas or my birthday... I can't remember but I have used them a lot and love them.

To finish it off I added the black lines which to some may look like a mess but I always like them as it adds a little edge to a plain piece of work. I backed it on to greeny/gold card.
Wondering PostcardJourney PostcardDiddl Greeting Card
Some other ways that I have used the stitching, for some reason I can't seem to find one where I've used the stitching above but I have used it a lot of times as I like it a lot.
I forgot to say start with 'Make My Day' and I'll randomly select someone on Wednesday!

This postcard has gone to
Bruce Johnson
What would you get up to if you were King or Queen for the day?


  1. You really are talented. Have you thought of starting a store at

  2. Thanks, I used to have one but it wasn't at that time worth it for me because I had to pay to list my item, then a fee when you sold the item, plus paypal took their share and I had to pay the conversion fee on my debit card... so if I charged more people didn't want my items as they didn't feel it was worth it compared to those in the U.S who could sell a lot cheaper. I closed my store and then Etsy changed to being able to pay everything through paypal which is slightly better. I couldn't go back to selling though, its much nicer to give it away as no one can complain if they don't like it.

  3. i would make everyone smile...

    i would make it madatory to have a humor break every three hours...

    the world needs more laughter and smiling...

    Bruce Johnson JADIP
    Evil Twin
    stupid stuff I see and hear
    The Dreamodeling Guy
    The Guy Book
    The Guy Book

  4. Those are great things to change if you were king, I bet people will want to keep you on. I'll add you into make my day since I forgot to say that add make my day at the beginning in my description.

  5. It would totally make my day to get a card like that in the mail! Great work bubbles :)
    Hugs and a happy Monday to you!

  6. Aww, well who knows you maybe lucky enough to get it. Hope you have a good week.

  7. Make my day!!! And all you greedy women....claim the girlie stuff and leave this one alone :-) JM is right, you are very talented!

  8. wow - super cute! I am not that creative. Great job :)

  9. Dad, thats the problem with us girls we want everything we see, so you'll have a battle on your hands for this one :).

    Meghan its really not that hard to do it just takes some experimenting.


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