Sunday, February 23, 2014

Make My Day ~Moomins!~

I know I've neglected this little blog and my strawberries and buttercups one but I really have no excuse for why I have. I've got so many things to offer and even have their photos sitting on my phone screaming (almost) for me to do something with them.
In November I went with the children to a museum and came across these which I snapped up all that was there (only 3 packets!) to offer on here and then I never got around to it. I know how much people love the Moomins so hopefully these badges will be something that you'll like. I'm keeping a pack for myself which I hope at some point to use on some of my creations.

If you would like a pack of 6 Moomin badges
Why don't you shout
Make My Day
in the comment section
Good Luck!
P.S Don't forget to leave a way for me to get in touch!
This is on its way to


  1. Make my day, please! ;) They look awesome!

  2. Make My Day! OMG I love the Moomins! ;)

  3. Made my day! I hope you van made my day with those moomin buttons! I love them! I follow you on IG (happy_postcards) so you can contact me :)

  4. Make my day!!! yay! thank you so much for opportunity to win and have such lovely things!!!

  5. Make my day, please! :D Those are really cute and colorful!
    I looooove Moomins. I watched that cartoon when I was child and I still know the opening theme. :)

  6. Yay! I love the Moomins, and collect badges. :) Please make my day! (Although I completely understand if I'm not eligible to enter because I've won before).

    Madeline W x

  7. I of course love the look of these just like everyone else and you have been missed........

  8. Aww please make my day..
    its my daughter's 1 st birthday I wanted these for her :-)


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Good Luck!

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