Saturday, December 7, 2013

Make My Day ~Christmas Postcard~

I have been busy making Christmas postcards again. This year however I've decided not to send it to everyone I've ever made the day of but to offer cards to anyone who would like one. I don't know yet how many I have left as I'm still in the process of writing them. However by the weekend I will and I wanted to start writing all of yours.
So if you would like one,
please email me your address.


  1. I would love one. You always make such beautiful cards. Please make my day. :)

  2. Make my day ^-^ I would love to get one :D

  3. I'd like to receive one, I love Christmas cards! But I'd want to send one back as well :)

  4. Don't wanna miss this, please make my day!

  5. The beautiful card was waiting for me in London! Thank you SO much! <3


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