Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Make My Day~Spring is in the air~

I can't believe that its March already, the weather is warming up a little during the day but the nights are freezing. I know things have been seriously quiet here but I've been working on a few projects which have left me little time to create something for here. I however spent today having a super creative day so made these 4 greeting cards plus I'm taking part in a doodle a month which I made 2 doodles for today as I saw it too late last night. With that project I'm going to make doodled postcards and envelopes and will blog about them on my Burstsofbubbles blog, if you really like any of them just let me know as they will need a home to go to.
These cards are A5 size (a printer paper folded in half) and the paper you see in the background I turned into envelopes.
If you would like these
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This is on its way to Yoshi


  1. MAKE MY DAY!!!
    I was wondering what happened to you, but I am so glad you are back...and with such beautiful items <3

    1. I'm alive! Its just I've tried to do other things which has meant reading and this blog have been forgotten.

    2. I am glad you are ok and nothing bad happened! By the way, I deleted my Interpals profile, so here is the way to contact me: andra.zinca @

  2. Of course I would love it if you could "make my day"

  3. Yay ^-^ Thank you :D I'm so much looking forward to it :DD


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