Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Make My Day ~A British Party~

And these too #rubberstamps #yarn #thread #string #british
Finally it's cheaper so I can buy myself the things I wanted as I refused to pay full price due to the expensiveness with the Olympics and jubilee #british #stickersI'm just sitting down to craft with today's supplies and just noticed these on the back of the #stickers #borders #england #crafts
A new toy, I've been dreaming about crafting with a #corner #punch #cornerpunch #crafts #supplies
Since the beginning of the year when these British themed items became available in the shops I couldn't help but drool over them and I really wanted to own some items but refused to pay the full amount. I waited really patiently and recently I noticed they were half price so bought myself what I wanted but I'm sure they will go even cheaper. In August I woke up one day and suddenly felt I wanted to create something using a corner punch... I didn't own one and usually when I create corners I make up my own template. So it meant going in search of one at the craft shop in the city, the owner told me she'd ordered loads but they would arrive the following week... how impatiently I waitied but I did and went a whole week later to buy one.... I also received a present from a parking warden but thankfully the only thing I've had to pay is the postage to appeal against it.
Once I bought everything this weekend I sat and created these and I honestly could have kept making even more... I've kept the background the same because I needed to beat the sun-set and rain clouds....
Another photo of the postcard yesterday,I can't help but show it again #telephonebox #red #blue #numbers #postcardLast one now and all of the ones I've posted will be blogged later on my giveaway blog so keep an eye open for it. #bus #words #red #white #blue #postcard  #numbers #birdI also want a #minicooper . #bigben #clock #buttons #washitape #hearts #red #white #blue #hearts #postcard #british #londonWhy did they stop making these as I want one?! #campervan #rubberstamp #crown #postcard #yellow #blue #red #checkered #bunting #britishA #british themed range of postcards #rubberstamp #bigben #clock #london #bunting #stamp #bird polkadots #blue #pink #red I will be using the same background for all as its getting dark far too quickly now
The bus one I wanted to write London but I didn't have any Ns in white so had to go with the next thing even though I'm not 100% happy with it.
Remember you can always click on the images for a bigger photo which will link to my flickr. Now though I really need to sit and make some Christmas cards but for some reason I keep putting it off....

If you would like these postcards shout
Make my day
in the comment section
and remember to leave a way to contact you!
Good Luck!

This is on its way to


  1. Make my day!!

    (Even if you don't, just know that those postcards are gorgeus!)


  2. Make my day!!:) Lovemailzme@yahoo.com

  3. Awe, make my day! Am I still on time?

    Hope you're having a great week! ;D



  4. It has been awhile. :) I would love to win those beautiful cards! Make my day!


  5. Make my day please! These postcards are gorgeous!

  6. What wonderful stamps! And I love what you've done with them, some beautiful techniques.

    Please make my day! I'd love to win them, even if only to look at them and feel inspired :)


  7. Really pretty! I love anything related to british :D

  8. I can so relate to not wanting to pay full price for stuff when you know that in a few short months or weeks they will be half price......lol

  9. Make my day :)

    I really like the postcards.



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