Monday, May 7, 2012

Make My Day ~A Treasure Cove~

So its another week and my super long weekend is over. We were told it was going to be -2 but thankfully during the day it was so nice that I could not take that opportunity and go out as we'd had rain and everything else for over a month now...

One of the things I did was go into the city as I needed to go to the bank and every time I go I have to go in to WHSmiths. I look at all their books but also their stationery as its always the most adorable as you can see above but unfortunately nothing is of use to me as they don't sell letters sets, I don't study and I can only write with certain pens plus how many pencil cases can one person have? As I'm really itching to buy something and people keep asking me where all these things are being sold as they want them, I decided I will purchase one thing for the lucky person that gets it. I will of course choose something of a reasonable size and weight but you may choose which theme you would like... I know its a tough one. There was also winnie the pooh, Paul Frank if you like any of them.

Also thanks everyone who told me a quote, I've printed those out and will see what I can come up with. Thanks also for the amazing turn out on the stationery, my letters are regular in arriving again so hopefully I'll have more stationery to offer you before the summer.

If you would like any of the cuteness above
All you need to do is shout
'Make My Day'
In the comment section
Good Luck!

This is on its way to


  1. Awe i love the teddy bears!
    *M*A*K*E *M*Y* *D*A*Y*

  2. Cupcakes! :D¨
    Make my day <3

  3. omg make my day you already did sweetie these are dorable

  4. Oh! Make my day!

  5. Make my Day! And why not, the week instead? ;) I loved them all! Please, Make my Day!

  6. Wow what great stationery love all of these things the bears are so cute and the last lot really yell to me.........I do love wondering through stationery stores..........

  7. Make My Day - lipton.teeblog@yahoo(dot)com

  8. Make my daaay :D Please please please ^-^

  9. I think my first comment wasn't saved, so I'll post it again (and you can delete it if the 1st one was indeed saved).
    I looove the things in the pictures and if I were to choose, I'd choose one of the beautiful boxes in the 3rd picture (2nd row, left). I collect boxes and they help me store my stationery items. If not, I'd be happy with any Me To You item or Winnie the Pooh one.
    But I am positive I will enjoy any cute item you choose to send if i will win...except for Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends :)

    So, for the 2nd time, MAKE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. OMG, you're so lucky. Nowhere in Ireland sells such cute and amazing stationary so I'm always forced to purchase my items on-line and postage can be so expensive so please, please, please MAKE MY DAY.. :) <3

  11. Make my day!
    The teddy bears are so cute.

  12. Make my day!!

  13. Make my day!!! I love the bunnies :D

  14. Totally make my day!!!! :D I enjoy reading your blog very much by the way XD Also a pleasure to read after college XD :)

  15. I love the address book which you posted a picture of on your other blog, and I think it's one of those that can be seen in the third picture, so even if I wanted to hold back now I have to shout make my day :)

    1. It is the same thing, I just didn't know that all these existed until I went back 2 days later, its such a pretty range.


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