Sunday, May 20, 2012

~Make My Day~ Travelling Bear Bookmarks~

bear bookmarks
I've been as busy as a bee today, crafting and it felt so good.
I made these bookmarks but I'm not sure yet if I'll add some ribbon to it or not
What do you think?
I decided on the back to write a quote about books to fit in with bookmarks
and hopefully next week I'll finally get around to using the lovely quotes that you shared with me.
I won't promise anything as I seem to be lacking time in the crafting department as you'll have noticed lately.
Still I've done something a little new with these as I've used actual stamps
which I've never done before
but also made use of my calligraphy pens
even though I'm not all that fantastic at it.
I really should look in to taking a course one day as I'd actually love bigger and bolder handwriting too and this could possibly help!

By the way
I have a new blog
why not check it out
I can't wait to see you there as that blog is more about me.

Anyway if you would like the wonderful bookmarks above
why not shout
make my day
in the comment section!

This is on its way to


  1. Make My Day! They are just so cute! :)


  2. Well as you know I already visit your other blog but hell that is just the way I am, now bookmarks I love bookmarks have a habit of wanting to buy more then I will ever

  3. Make My Day! :) These are so adorable!

  4. Adorable!!! I have a bookmark collection, so I think they are gorgeous!!!!
    MAKE MY DAY!!!!!

  5. Make my day!
    They're really pretty. :)

  6. They are lovely! I especially like the stamps and the note sheets :)

  7. Make my day! :)


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