Sunday, March 18, 2012

~Make My Day~ It's a Mystery~

Do you like Goody Bags?
I used to love them as a child,
whether it contained a toy
or different selection of sweets
I often bought one.

Today when I gathered somethings together to photograph
I suddenly thought why don't I keep you in suspense as to what you'll get
but in reality it would have been better to have just taken photos as that image above has taken me forever to create as I'm trying out a type of photoshop but couldn't find the images I wanted and then have no idea what I'm doing either. I only managed to add the brown paper and stamps then decided it was easir just to go to picnik and do the rest so it isn't at all like what I imagined but still fun.
Its such a shame Picnik is closing down as I have no idea what I'll use for my photos after it.

Anyway where was I?
Oh yes goody bags
or in this case an envelope
or quite possibly a box
who knows as its all a surprise.

If you like surprises
why don't you shout
Make My Day
in the comment section
as always!

Good Luck!

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  1. Make My Day! Surprises are always fun!

  2. Well you always know I love it when you make my day........and a surprise package wow who wouldn't like that.......I also remember buying lucky dips when I was a child not knowing what was in it was so much fun............

  3. I love surprises so Make My Day! :)

  4. What a clever idea! I used to love goodie bags as a child too! Make My Day

  5. Make my day! I'm like a child, I love surprises ;)

  6. Make my day! Who doesn't love surprises? I love the feeling of anticipation...

  7. Oh me me me! I love surprises and could need one as my university started again so everything looks kinda greyish right now - just work and study and work and study and no more lovely days with nothing to do than letterwriting and playing boardgames ahead. So please make my day!
    I also think you did a good job with the picture above :)
    Take care,

  8. Sounds fun~ So, make my day! n_n

  9. I try my luck :D
    Make my day! :)

  10. Make my day.......I love to be suprised :-)

  11. Hi Bubbles! I LOVE surprises! Make My Day! -Pamela (

  12. I'm always in for surprises ;) Make my Day :D

  13. I do like surprises and I have never bought or received a goody bag...
    So yes, MAKE MY DAY!!!

  14. Andra - neither have I. I think those Goody Bags are more common in the US than in Europe, don't you agree?

  15. Caddi people use different words for them, the shop owners used to make up the sweet ones with random cheap sweets or left over bits from their bottles. The toy ones were like paper planes etc... really basic cheap things to make it affordable. I call them party bags but some people call those goodie bags which you got after a party with a tiny bit of cake, sweets, toys etc... I can still buy craft ones from £10- £15, Avon does bargain bags which I remember loads of people buying, I never have...

  16. Make my day, please! My goodness, I LOOOOOVE surprises so I just couldn't resist shouing these three words. lol Have wonderful Tuesday! :D

  17. Well, yes, that makes sense. I still, have never seen any - oh, but! Of course I got my school cone on the first day of school! I think it's a rather German custom. Kids who are entering school will get a cone from their parents filled with school goodies (pencils, paper etc) and some sweets, maybe a small toy - they are rather big. I found a picture of a girl with her "Schultüte" as we call it here:
    You can also buy them in shops, but many many parents make them at home, with many different designs.
    Well, I cannot recall seeing any of those bogs in the shops I usually frequent for stationery, stickers and all the other craft supplies - I will have to ask if they have something similar there. But thanks for the further explanation!

  18. Caddi that sounds like such a nice idea :), unfortunately the link didn't work for me

  19. Make My Day!! I love surprises. :)


  20. hm... For me it works. Don't copy the last dot behind the jpg! Or, if you are interested, google "Schultüte" and look for the pictures.
    All the best!

  21. Please Make My Day!
    I love surprises!. :]


  22. Great post,I really like your article

  23. I love surprises!!! Make my day!!


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