Thursday, December 29, 2011

Make My Day~ Forever Friends Bears~

I wanted to craft last night, I had so many ideas but didn't want to do them... in the end I was going through my box of images and came across these pre-cut decoupage images which you have to assemble yourself. The paper used in the background came with the images....

I decided to keep it simple and used
a pack of blank greeting cards with matching envelopes
plastic ribbons
Looking Good
This is the only card that I added flowers too as it felt like something was missing and the poor bear looked lonely instead of glamourous.
Umbrella Love

Picnik collage

Diamonds are forever
All of the rest of them only used what I listed above, I hope that it gives you a little inspiration in that you don't need tonnes of supplies to make some great cards. My Christmas cards were done in a similar way in that I limited myself in what I used. The images were definately a great buy for me but now the store that I bought them from do pre assemble ones too which you just need to stick down. It's tempting but I won't buy them as I'm still trying to go through what I already have at home.

Anyway if you would like these 4 cards
just shout
make my day
in the comment section

This is on its way to


  1. Make my day ^^
    Trying my luck :)

  2. How adorable! Make My Day!!!


  3. how cute you always make my day

  4. Those are incredible! I would say im quite a artist but I couldn't of made something that cute! :)

  5. They are just so cute that I could not stop myself from shouting "Make My Day" !! Bubbles, you're so talented! :)

  6. Hello Bubbles! Make My Day! I love your bears. --(please forgive my tardy-ness-- I owe you a :)letter/card/art/mail/something). -Pamela Keown from Arkansas.

  7. There's no doubt simplicity was, is and will be the equivalent of elegance. And what can be better than elegance and cuteness?
    MAKE MY DAY! (Please?)
    Andra Zinca from Romania

  8. Make my day! :) OMG I want to refrain but they were cute!


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