Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Make My Day....Vintage Love Letter....

I absolutely love altering items and used to do it a lot but for some reason I haven't had the chance to do it in maybe a year or so but today I decided to change all that by altering this lovely yellow album a friend sent me along time ago after she saw what I did with the first one she sent me...
I've added the image of the album I altered in here too so that you can see what I did last time as this time I've done something a little different but not too different as I've used the same style of images.
Vintage Love Letters Album 011Vintage Love Letters Album 010
I started by covering the album in some handmade paper (not handmade by me though).
Vintage Letter Album
I hadn't intended to use these photos but then I decided even though its a photo album it will be great to store postcards in too. So when I started looking through my images these were the only ones that fit in. This then meant I had to use background paper with writing on and everything else fell into place.

I started with using distress inks, chalk and coloured pen on the doyle, I cut it in half and used one on each end. I stuck the images down and used one of my pre-cut decoupage flowers which I just loved.
flower album
The charm was a must to start with because when I created my tatty teddy cards I had wanted to use a charm but none fit in with what they represented... this for some reason was still on my desk when I sat down and it fit in nicely whether you use it for photos or postcards.

I then finished it off with postage marks but I really need to look into getting a pack of different postmarks because this ones only for Paris and it doesn't really fit in since the writings all in English. I don't have a problem with it though as people in Paris write English also.

I'm not so keen on these collage images but I take so many photos that I want to use all of them even though I still didn't manage it as I can't work out picnik just yet... I'll be using it more often though in order not to overflow you with images. Heres a link to the flickr album with close up photos of this item.

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  1. *w* It's absolutely amazing! It would be perfect to keep penpals photos in it... make my day please :D

  2. girl you are amazing "make my day"

  3. beautiful work. just love it. make my day please

  4. Wow. So much talent. I love altered books and have been working on one myself. -Hollychihuahua from Swap-Bot

  5. This is amazing... Make my day please!

  6. Wow, this really looks perfect! Like everything on this page. I was visiting both of your blogs before this swap also, you're really talented! majki from swapbot

  7. It's really beautiful! Make my day :)

  8. Yeayyy... Thank you Bubbles :)


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