Saturday, September 21, 2013

Make My Day ~Distress Ink~

I have had these distress inks for a while and never seemed to use them as there are after all only so many varieties of brown a person can use. So I decided to share them with someone on here who thinks they have use for them, they are great for making paper look old. I can split them up too as after all even for you there are so many browns you can have. I already have the vintage photo and its great.
If there is a certain one you would like, let me know
Don't forget to shout
Make My Day
in the comment section
Good Luck!

This is on its way....


  1. Definitely, Make my day!!

  2. Make My Day! That will be so cool!

  3. oooh I've been wanting these for so long but haven't bought them. I think they look so neat and would love them. Make My Day!!! :)

    ( Just in case I win, :) my address has changed. If I win, I'll send it to you. )

  4. make my day!
    i hope i can win this !!

  5. Make my day! I have never seen those before but I think I can use them in my craft works. You are really generous! Thank you! :)

  6. make my day! I always wanted to try distress ink ... never knew how to use them but now I watched some tutorials and I do want to try it :)

  7. Never heard of distress ink........................


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